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Unrequired Reading

Powell: His devastating critique of President Bush's Iraq adventure is scheduled to be published in 2010: Just in time Nixon: Foreign Affairs will publish his critique of the 2007 Iran War (via Bill Safire): Inquiring minds want to know My good friends at the Stop The Spirit Of Zossen weren't very impressed with what Washington wonks consider now to be "must-reading," Paul Pillar's critique of the misuse of intelligence to drum support for the Iraq war which was published in the new issue of Foreign Affairs . Here are the wise words of Dr. Strauss: The Paul Pillar piece from Foreign Affairs is one of the most aggravating items the Stiftung has read recently. Pendantic and unconsciously retro, it arrives and lands like a wet noodle thrown against a wall, only to slither and slink to the floor. So what? News to Mr. Pillar — we know this. We have known this for 3 years. The problem with Pillar and the rest of the pre-2003 Intelligence Community hunkering down trying