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my article in the new World Policy Journal

The new issue has just been released: WORLD POLICY JOURNAL•FALL 2008 © 2008 World Policy Institute Israel’s Not-So-Future Perfect By Leon Hadar Back 17 years ago, in the winter of 1991–92, when I was contemplating Israel’s future in World Policy Journal, it was supposed to be the dawn of a new age—and I was there. We were about to enter the Roaring globalization years of the 1990s and to be downloaded into a Borderless world in which the archaic nation-state would vanish. Arabs And Jews, Muslims and Hindus, would cease fighting each other over holy temples and olive trees and emerge in our new and brave world as the prime agents of global commerce, competing over market shares and investment flows, as Tom Friedman’s McDonalds Law (“no two countries that had McDonalds had gone to war with each other”) had forecasted. The “new cosmopolitans” and “global hybrids” would be the winners in this nascent universe where the prime determinant for business, political, and cultural success wou