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Olmert and his war under attack: Get me a Bush-like spin...

The mood is shifting in Israel: both the general public and political and media elites are getting the war has been a dissaster to all concerned. According to Reuters: Rising Israeli casualties and constant Hizbollah rocket attacks have sharply eroded public support in Israel for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his defence minister, an opinion poll showed on Friday. The survey in the Haaretz newspaper found only 48 percent of Israelis were satisfied with Olmert's performance compared with popularity ratings of more than 75 percent in polls taken in the early stages of fighting against the Lebanese group. read the rest. The new trend in public opinion are shaped by and reflected in the Israeli media, according to the following report in Editor and Publisher: Doubts About War Growing at Hawkish Israeli Daily By E&P Staff Published: August 11, 2006 12:10 AM ET updated Friday NEW YORK From the beginning of the Israel-Hezbollah war last month, the popular daily, Ha'aretz, like