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My Man of the Year: Paul Wolfowitz

Getting Ready for a Television Interview Anyone reading this blog is probably familiar with Wolfowitz, the leading neocon foreign policy thinker and his role in the Iraq War. If you are not, please read George Packer's excellent The Assassin's Gate which provides a somewhat sympathetic profile of the man. The reason I've chosen him is not because of Iraq but because of his selection as the new chief of the World Bank where he is going to spend the coming years traveling around the globe and wining and dining with the rich and the mighty (paid for by the American taxpayer)as a reward for getting us into the mess in Iraq. Indeed, those of you who fantasize that the guys responsible for the one of the worst strategic decisions in U.S. history are going to be punished, humiliated, marginalized, or just feel a little stupid and fall on their swords, well, forget about it. Just like Wolfowitz, they will be occupying leading positions in Washington in the coming years. Whether it