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Some demographic irony

Conservative like Pat Buchanan have been warning that America is becoming "Mexamerica" as a result of the huge inflow of Hispanic immigrants into the U.S. Indeed, one could make an argument that opposition to illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America is one of the few issues over which the majority of Republican conservatives agree on -- while the support for open immigration is usually associated with the liberal and libertarian agendas. So it's kind of ironic (I think) that in the race between the two leading presidential contenders in the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, the more liberal and progressive candidate, who is also backed by the majority of African-Americans, might not win the nomination because his rival, Hillary Clinton, has been able to mobilize the support of Hispanics who have played a critical role in the primary in California and could determine the outcome in Texas primary. It's also an irony, that John McCain, the candidate who disag