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My take on Ron Paul and Israel in Haaretz Home Jewish World News Published 04:33 29.12.11 Latest update 04:33 29.12.11 The truth about Ron Paul There is no anti-Israel aspect to the Republican presidential candidate's opposition to giving Israel aid, he is opposed in principle to foreign aid, which he sees as a waste of money. By Leon Hadar Tags: Israel US Get Haaretz on iPhone Get Haaretz on Android WASHINGTON - He probably won't be the Republican candidate for president in 2012, but Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has a good chance to win the Republican primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire in January, become a driving force in next year's campaign and continue to influence his party's agenda. This isn't good news for Jewish Republican activists and neoconservative intellectuals who backed the Iraq War; they accuse the most influential libertarian legislator on Capitol Hill of being anti-Israel. The Republican Jewish coalition d

2012 the year of Counter-Revolution?

Business Times - 30 Dec 2011 2012 the year of Counter-Revolution? Members of the old order may fight back to protect the status quo just like Europe's counter-revolutionaries did in 1849 By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE outgoing 2011 is the Year of the Protester, according to Time magazine. The insurgency targeting the ruling political elites, first in Tunisia, and then in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, has not been confined to the Middle East. Protests have taken place in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Britain and Israel. And in the United States, the Occupy Wall Street protesters began demonstrating first in New York, and then in Washington, Chicago, and in other cities across the country. The 2011 global uprisings against the status quo have been compared to the revolutions that swept through Europe in 1848, when working-class socialists and middle-class liberals in Paris, Milan, Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Berlin tried to bring down the old regimes. And indee