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The Republican primaries

Business Times - 05 Jan 2012 Wide open GOP race after the Iowa primary The Republican caucuses in the state have thrown up, not one, but three front-runners By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE Republican front-runner has changed seven times since leaders and activists started their party's process of nominating the 2012 presidential candidate early last year, according to an analysis of opinion polls issued by the Gallup company last Monday. And after the year in which the candidates took part in numerous televised debates and the Republican race dominated the chatter on cable news, the radio talk shows and the biosphere, Republican voters were finally provided with their first opportunity to pick up a favourite candidate during the first presidential primary of 2012 in Iowa on Tuesday. But the results of the Republican caucuses in Iowa have failed to determine who is going to emerge as the party's presidential candidate. In fact, there now seem to be three front-runners