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Neocons: The Next Generation

Sorry, but since no one is paying me to write a review of the new book by neocon- pisher Peter Beinart, I'm not going to read it. But I do recommend two excellent reviews of this crap, by Nicholas von Hoffman in The American Conservative and by Andrew Bachevich in The Nation . Enjoy! And, hey, and too bad I missed this 2005 Festival of Ideas. The notion that "Festival" and "Ideas" associated with the two guys below:

I didn't know Harry Truman...

Harry Truman wasn't a good friend of mine, (I actually didn't like him), But you, George W. Bush are not Harry Truman.... Dr. Strauss has a very interesting post on the neocons' effort to "Trumanize" (and "Rooseveltize" and "Reaganize" and even "Lincolnize") George W. which he describes (and rightly so) as "appalling and intellectually dishonest." Neocons? Appaling and intellectuall dishonest?