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Big - and getting bigger and bigger

Business Times - 25 Dec 2008 OBAMA'S STIMULUS PACKAGE Big - and getting bigger and bigger Consensus seems to be that long-term consequences can wait; things need fixing now By LEON HADAR IN WASHINGTON BARACK OBAMA will be inaugurated as the next US President on Jan 20. Yet, if you happen to read the headlines in the major American newspapers or watch television news regularly, you would probably conclude that Mr Obama has been occupying the White House for quite a while, as he and his aides have been bombarding the media and the public through statements and leaks with their continuously changing programmes for fixing the American economy - which tend to be confused with the old and new plans proposed by the current president, George W Bush, for, well, fixing the American economy. The only thing one could be certain about these days is that this American economy is continuing to plunge just as both the departing and arriving presidents are adding billions - no, change that to '