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A blunt message to Obama, allies

Business Times - 04 Nov 2010 A blunt message to Obama, allies By turning to Republicans, voters say Obama will need to do more to fix the economy if he wants to get re-elected in 2012 By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT SOME political analysts had predicted that the 2010 midterm elections would turn into a Republican tsunami that could drown the Obama administration and the Democrats who could end up losing their majority in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. According to this worst-case scenario for the Democrats, the Republicans would have picked up more than 70 seats in the House and win even the Senate races in California and other Democratic-leaning 'blue' states. Well, the 2010 midterms are probably not going to become a Republican tsunami, with the Democrats expected to lose less than 70 seats in the House and to retain a slim majority in the Senate. But even the most enthusiastic Democratic cheerleader and Obama supporters will have to agree that a p