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My Reason article is now availabe online...

It's part of a special "package" on Iraq and the Middle East which also includes articles by Michael Young and Tom Palmer. You Can’t Bring Order to the Middle East Leon Hadar After a storm, be it political or meteorological, passes over the Middle East, the region returns to its eternal stillness. The people come out of hiding, remove the sand from their faces, and return to the desert’s routine: the daily struggle over water wells and grazing spaces. The desert’s tribes go back to the ritual of signing and breaking alliances, and their leaders meet at night before the fire to contemplate the next raid against their hostile neighbors. If an American guest is there, he’ll be treated to another ritual of Middle Eastern hospitality. The tribe’s elders listen to his advice and nod with polite approval as the foreigner, the child of some faraway green pasture land, suggests that the time has come to replace despotic rule with liberal government and primal desert hatred with et

My interview on the Karen Kwiatkowski radio show...

Is available here . Also an old interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" on Alternative Exit Strategies in Iraq in which I propose dividing Iraq into three autonomous regions as Senator Joe Biden and Les Gelb are doing in the New York Times today.