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New review of "Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East"

Martha Kessler, a retired CIA analyst published a review of my book in the new issue of Middle East Policy Journal. Sorry, no url available; so I justed pasted it here. MIDDLE EAST POLICY, VOL. XIII, NO. 1, SPRING 2006 © 2006, The Authors Journal Compilation © 2006, Middle East Policy Council BOOK REVIEWS Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East, by Leon Hadar. New York:Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. 180 pages. $24.95, hardcover. Martha Kessler, analyst, Central Intelligence Agency (ret.) Leon Hadar’s stated purpose for this book is to stimulate a long-overdue debate in this country over U.S. policy in the Middle East. He does not spend too much time second guessing past decisions with “what if” analysis, but when he does, his command of the history of U.S. engagement in the Middle East is impressive and used adroitly throughout his criticism. What he does throughout the book is to deconstruct the underlying assumptions and inaccurate understandings upon which U.S. policies have been ba