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Business the real winner in US polls?

Business Times - 29 Oct 2010 Business the real winner in US polls? Midterm election's expected outcome should be seen as ideal from the perspective of Wall St, Corporate America By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THIS could be another example of dialectical thinking running amok: Political and social change moving in one direction ends up moving the system towards the exact opposite direction. Like when the current US election season dominated by the populist rage of angry voters protesting against Washington and Wall Street - you know, those ruling political and financial elites who were responsible for the financial mess - is ending with members of these very same elites poised to gain even more power on Capitol Hill. As a result, American business elites are actually in a stronger position to hold back any major challenge to despised status quo. Sounds bizarre? Welcome to the 2010 midterm election that even the more optimistic Democrat and enthusiastic Obamaniac agrees is go