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'Birthers', 'deathers' and the fear of change

Business Times - 18 Aug 2009 'Birthers', 'deathers' and the fear of change Obama has a tough job winning over many middle-aged-to-elderly white men and women By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT WE FIRST witnessed the birth of the Obama 'birther' story. You couldn't surf the Web or switch on cable television news channels without being bombarded with 'reports' that Barack Hussein Obama - the emphasis being on 'Hussein' - was not born in the US but in Kenya (or perhaps in Indonesia). And since he was not a natural-born citizen, he was therefore not eligible for the presidency. So, Obama the Kenyan is illegally occupying the White House; he isn't really the president. The 'Obama-is-Kenyan' story was first circulated on some of the more radical right-wing blogs during the 2008 presidential campaign - the same blogs that also informed us that Mr Obama was educated in a Muslim madrasah, and/or was an Al-Qaeda mole, and/or that he was