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McCain changes tack as public opinion dips

Business Times - 26 Sep 2008 He suspends campaign and plans to skip TV debate to focus on financial crisis By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT W HAT a huge difference a week makes in the economic and political opinions of the nation! At the beginning of last week, the major topic of debate in Washington was whether John McCain's choice for vice-president, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, would sway women voters to elect him in November. And the conventional wisdom among the pundits was that McCain's masterful choice of Palin as his running mate was halting Barack Obama's political momentum and making it more likely that McCain would replace George Bush in the White House next year. Moreover, the topic of the first televised presidential debate scheduled for today was on national security and foreign policy, which were always the preferred topics of McCain, the former war veteran who was one of the leading boosters of the 'surge' of US troops in Iraq, a move that Obam