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Some Good News from the Middle East: Faiths in Jerusalem United....

...Over Gay March... And here are other reactions by Moslems and Jews to the Gay March: Arab MK: No gays in Muslim society. Rabbi Yosef: Move gay pride parade to Sodom. MK Vilan on gay parade: Remember King David. And why is the following story interesting? Four prominent members of gay community send letter to PM requesting that he retract his support for election of former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau as president following criticism of Gay Pride Parade, homosexual life style. I'll answer that with a question: What do Vice President Cheney and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have in common. Apparently, Olmert's daughter Danna who is a lecturer in literature at the Tel Aviv University, is a self-identified lesbian and lives with her partner in Tel Aviv. It seems that her parents, like the Cheneys, are accepting of their daughter's sexual identity and partner. Danna is also a anti-war activist and is seen below demonstrating against Israeli policies in Gaza. Not that t