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New President and a New-New Deal

Business Times - 21 Jan 2009 COMMENTARY New President and a New-New Deal Obama takes office and will bring a new approach to tackling economic issues By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE coming days, weeks, and months could prove to be the best of times, and the worst of times for US President Barack Hussein Obama. After being sworn-in today as the 44th president of the US and as the first African-American to occupy the highest political office in the land, this young, intelligent and charismatic man will enter the White House with a huge groundswell of support from the American public and enormous goodwill from people around the world, all of whom are wishing, hoping and praying that President Obama's 'audacity of hope' that had helped him overcome so many personal obstacles and setbacks in his life, will also help him set the United States on the road towards political, economic and civilisational renewal. Indeed, most Americans, including those who didn't vote