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Latest example of a success story

Business Times - 03 Apr 2012 Latest example of a success story Korea-born doctor's nomination as World Bank chief highlights Asian-Americans' contributions in various fields in the US By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE unexpected nomination of Jim Yong Kim as the next president of the World Bank has been hailed as a welcome departure by the White House from the tradition of appointing professional economists or American political figures to the prestigious position. Dr Kim is neither an economist nor a politician, but a medical doctor and an anthropologist who is clearly qualified for the job of managing the world's leading development organisation. A former head of the World Health Organization's HIV/Aids department, Dr Kim will be able to utilise his experience in providing healthcare to developing countries as he tries to promote new thinking on development work in poor countries. And Dr Kim, who was born in Seoul in 1959 and moved with his family to the Unit