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Has Obama let down voters?

Business Times - 05 Sep 2009 Has Obama let down voters? Critics are angry at what they consider his betrayal of a large-scale liberal agenda and are worried the nation would suffer as a result of a shift to the political centre By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT SUGGESTING that Barack Obama could become another Bill Clinton sounds like a piece of good news and probably cheer-up many fans of the current Democratic president. After all, Bill Clinton ended-up being the only Democratic White House occupant since president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to serve two full terms in office. And while historians may not remember Mr Clinton as a great president, most of them would almost certainly rate him as a better-than-average one who had led America during a time of relative tranquillity and the most economically prosperous years Americans had known for decades. Centrist Democrats aka New Democrats have insisted that Mr Clinton's electoral longevity, including his impressive