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Has Obama let down voters?

Business Times - 05 Sep 2009 Has Obama let down voters? Critics are angry at what they consider his betrayal of a large-scale liberal agenda and are worried the nation would suffer as a result of a shift to the political centre By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT SUGGESTING that Barack Obama could become another Bill Clinton sounds like a piece of good news and probably cheer-up many fans of the current Democratic president. After all, Bill Clinton ended-up being the only Democratic White House occupant since president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to serve two full terms in office. And while historians may not remember Mr Clinton as a great president, most of them would almost certainly rate him as a better-than-average one who had led America during a time of relative tranquillity and the most economically prosperous years Americans had known for decades. Centrist Democrats aka New Democrats have insisted that Mr Clinton's electoral longevity, including his impressive victories in