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On the elections and U.S./China

Two of my recent pieces from the Business Times of Singapore are pasted here: Business Times - 01 Nov 2006 Will US polls end with a big bang? A Democrat win won't mean Bush will change Iraq policy and withdraw troops By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT A VETERAN British political journalist who has covered all the US presidential races since 1992 is in Washington this week to report on the mid-term Congressional elections that will take place in less than 10 days. 'This is the first time in my career that my newspaper has assigned me to do stories on non-presidential elections in the US,' he told me over lunch in a restaurant on Capitol Hill. 'There is a feeling among my editors that although the elections on November 7th are basically of local nature, they could have a major impact on US foreign policy, and in particular on what's happening in Iraq,' he explained. 'My bosses seem to believe that if the Republicans end up receiving a major blow next month