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Go to Yemen, Young (and Old) Democracy Crusader

When We Were Missionaries: NED workers in the Good Old Days Reading is believing... Highly recommended a three-part series in the Washington Post , "Yemen: Exporting Democracy" continued in Monday and Tuesday. It's certainly should be read by homeless/unemployed social scientists ISO Welfare Hotel. There is one in Washington, DC and it's called the Democracy Promotion Industry. in fact, there are many of those in the Capital of the Empire these days: NDI, AID, NED, Shmed... who'll provide you with hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to waste on such projects as conflict-resolution workshops in Yemen. I kid you not... Yes, read about one of these lucky winners, Robin Madrid, who sounds like one of the cool, mature ladies who publish personal ads in the NYROB: "She is 65, a grandmother and the country director in Yemen for a Washington-based nonprofit called the