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For an extremely cool geopolitical analysis...

This U.S. guy wants to be the Global Boss... So he hopes to get the Indian guy.... ...And Australia and Japan on the U.S. side... help him to contain the China guy... ...who then gets together with the Russia Guy to counter-balance the U.S.... it tries to counter-balance the Iran Guy... Yes, boys and girls, it looks like a lot of fun as we seem to be returning to the balance-of-power games 19th century-style, with one Great Power trying to win the support of another Great Power to counter-balance that other Great Power which then... In short, as this enlightening and entertaining analysis Springtime in Beijing makes it clear the neocon-driven strategy of replacing the bipolar system of the Cold War with a Unipolar system led by Boss Bush is facing major challenges. And the Iran nuclear crisis could turn out to be a major diplomatic battleground in which American push towards hegemony would be tested. Happy Multipolarism!

Bush's foreign policy: Muddling Through

My article,"Muddling Through:The Bush administration has no idea what it's doing," which was published originally in the Business Times of Singapore was posted today on and : American officials, lawmakers, and pundits have been analyzing – over-analyzing is probably the right term – U.S. President George W. Bush's new National Security Strategy (NSS), leading one to conclude that the document that was issued last week has major significance in terms of gaining insights into what kind of approach to world affairs the Bush administration will be pursuing in the last three years of its term. In a way, it is not surprising that the pundits have been trying to deconstruct the 2006 NSS in order to gain possible insights into the Bushies' foreign policy. Have President Bush and his national security team adopted a more "realistic" orientation? Will the United States attack Iran's nuclear facilities? Will there be more of an eff