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Bush to Congress: "Gimme some time, Baby"

(original lyrics by Natalie Cole): Gimme some time [ like six months or more ], Baby I know you're thinking that I'm playing [ neocon games;politics ] But I'm saying that I wouldn't hurt you for the world, oh no [ did I ever lie?] I'm not so blind, Baby [ I see we're like winning in Iraq ] I need your lovin' and you know it (yes, I do, well) 'cause I'll show it, well I don't wanna be hurt you [ and I'll love you in the morning ] If you want me to I'll keep it a secret [ we're good in that ] But please let me get through your door [ or I'll use the Patriot Act ] 'Cause I guarantee that once we get started You'll soon be begging for more [ troops ] We want the whole world to know that we are one [ spreading freedom everywhere and stuff ] So why don't you gimme some time, Baby [ please...] Let's take advantage not for granted for the good things [ mess in Iraq ] (We got for the good thangs) I don't want to be hurt