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Brokeback Ahmadinejad: Sealed with a Kiss

Nope. That secret letter from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to U.S. President George W. Bush was not entirely about nuclear issues. It read: "Georgie; We could had a good life together, a f------ real good life but you didn't want it, so what we got now... is the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz!I wish I knew how to quit you. And Tho we gotta say goodbye for the summer,darling, I promise you this: It's gonna be a hot nuclear summer. I with my silos and you with your long cruise missile. I'll see your bombers in the sunlight. I'll hear them everywhere. I'll run to tenderly hold you.But darling you won't be there.I don't wanna say goodbye for the summer. Knowing the love we'll miss. Oh let us make a pledge to meet in September. And seal it with a kiss. Your Nejadi... ( and thanks to Brian Hyland )

Realism on Israel

There is, in principle, a different vision of realism available to Israel, which would not rely on the destruction of rivals and the permanence of American alliance. Israel could reverse 40 years of policy and look for security in withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories, serious negotiations to create a viable Palestinian state, and settlement of the territorial and refugee issues. However, I would imagine that few Israelis now believe in this possibility, after the acts of terrorism and all the blood that has been shed during the past 60 years, even though many may wish for it. After the Jewish experience during World War II and since, I would think that little ability survives to trust in the good will of others. Certainly not trust in the Arabs. Certainly not trust in the Europeans. In the case of the Americans, it is not good will that has to be trusted, but American willingness to believe that American and Israeli interests really do coincide - despite the fact that t