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Original ideas on global trade

A recent commentary I authored on global trade based on a forum held at the Cato Institute: Business Times - 23 Jun 2006 Time for unilateral trade liberalisation Some US economists now say expanding global trade does not require new agreements By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT MORE than four years after the launch of the Doha Round under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), with its goal of continuing to remove trade barriers to products and services, the prospects for a successful outcome look more distant than ever. Some US economists are now arguing that expanding global trade does not require new trade agreements. They, instead, suggest that the US objectives of the Doha Round - including better opportunities for American businesses, greater affordability and choice for consumers, improved prospects for farmers and producers in developing countries and greater international receptivity to US policies - could be achieved through unilateral trade liberalisation. P