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The war on terror is over, and China Won

My futuristic scenario about Sino-American relationship, originally published in the Singapore Business Times, was posted in April 21, 2006 The War on Terror Is Over, and China Won by Leon Hadar Imagine 40 years from now how a global affairs columnist for the Fox-Xinhua (or New Shanghai Times) content-providing service will analyze the world's geo-strategic and geo-economic balance of power. This might be the way he or she recalls the visit that China's former president Hu Jintao made in April 2006 to Washington, the capital of what was then known as the "United States." Now in 2046, the city is a major tourist attraction for Chinese and Indian tourists, many of whom stay at the seven-star hotel previously known as the "White House" (the Lincoln Suite is the most expensive). He or she (cloned in 2011) might write the following: "As I downloaded news reports that were published in the American media on that week, what really astonished me w