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The Starbucks Set vs Archie Bunker's Gang

Business Times - 12 Mar 2008 The Starbucks Set vs Archie Bunker's Gang Both Obama and Clinton have distinct support groups for the Democratic nomination By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT PUNDITS who have tried to explain Senator Hillary Clinton's success in resuscitating her flagging bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, after her primary victories last Tuesday over her rival Senator Barack Obama, have focused a lot of attention on Ms Clinton's effective campaign and media strategies as well as on the mistakes that Mr Obama and his aides have made. Some political analysts suggest that Ms Clinton may have won over many voters in Ohio and Texas by repeatedly trying to question Mr Obama's 'experience' as a first-term senator and especially his 'readiness' to manage the major national security challenges the US faces in the Middle East and around the world. Ms Clinton introduced the issue of national security into the campaign with a fear-indu