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'New jobs for jobless' pledge a white lie

Business Times - 23 Feb 2012 'New jobs for jobless' pledge a white lie US firms look for young, energetic and tech-savvy workers, not those middle-aged ones yet to learn how to surf Internet By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT WE are all familiar with, and occasionally have even uttered one of those common white lies such as 'Thanks so much for that wonderful gift!' or 'You really look great in that dress' or 'Your baby is so cute'. So let me add another one to the list - 'Most of America's unemployed workers will eventually find new jobs'. They won't. Indeed, this white lie is being articulated by both US President Barack Obama and the leading Republican presidential candidates. While Mr Obama and the Democrats suggest that government-backed program-mes to train unemployed workers would help those who had lost their jobs in the manufacturing industry, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his supporters argue that an unreg