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Good candidate = good president?

Business Times - 05 Mar 2008 Good candidate = good president? Veteran of Washington politics points to JFK to say Obama's ambitious and sometimes vague promises won't be fulfilled By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT ONE member of the gym where I work out is a 68-year-old veteran of Washington politics. He had been active for more than 50 years in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, going back to the administration of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK). Tom V marched in the civil rights demonstrations in the South, was later involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement, and was one of the early supporters of Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. He was devastated by the assassination of Martin Luther King (MLK) and Robert Kennedy (RFK) in 1968 and was dispirited by the rise of America's political right in the 1980s. He was also disappointed by what he considered to be president Bill Clinton's failure to promote a more 'progressive' agenda in the 1990s. So