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Condoleeza Mackinder?

That smart? My online pal Dr. Leo Strauss (we were both enrolled at the famous Gymnasium Philippinum; but he graduted two years before I did, so we never had a chance to meet face-to-face) has a great post on his Stop The Spirit Of Zossen drawing my attention to a certain Dr. Weistein praising Dr. Condi for her remarkable geo-strategic vision. Perhaps Dr. Weinstein is hoping to get selected as America's pro-consul in Iran. In any case, Dr. Strauss is doing a wondeful job in demolishing the notion that Condi and the Bushies have joined the "realist" camp and that they have this plan to work with Kazahstan? to bring stability to Eurasia. To paraphrase Alfred Mackinder, "Who transforms AID commands the world." Or something along these lines. He notes that much of what is attributed to Condi by Weinstein has been plagiarized from the work by another great strategic thinker, Thomas P. Barnett, who has this theory that the international system is divided between na