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Sharon, the Middle East: Bonjour Tristesse

An "Habitual Liar" Jim Henley, a libetarian soulmate who tried for quite a while persuade me to launch a blog and who runs the popular Unqualified offerings referred to the "unsentimental" comments that have been made by Diana Moon on her Letter from Gotham and by your humble servant about Sharon. As a libertarian, Jim can understand why I'm not very sentimental about politicians in general. I only cry when I lose a close family member or friend and sometimes I do get depressed when certain politicans come to power. I never shed a tear about individuals who steal our money aka tax us and who send us to get killed in wars. Sorry. However, Jonathan Edelstein on The Head Heeb in a somewhat "kvetchy" piece of writing admits that "I find it difficult to write about [Sharon's medical condition], as if I were facing the loss of a family member." Hope you'll get over it. He also gives this long spiel about how he was once anti-Sharon and p