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Romney nomination will favour Obama Romney nomination will favour Obama

Business Times - 08 Mar 2012 Romney nomination will favour Obama His Wall Street-made wealth and performance during primaries only helped to accentuate his negatives to voters By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT HERE is a central political paradox of this American presidential election season: The more Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets closer to winning his party's nomination, the less are his chances of beating Democratic President Barack Obama in the general election in November. The outcome of the 10 Republican presidential primaries on Super Tuesday failed to provide Mr Romney with a breakout moment. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum's victories in the primaries in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota ensures that he will continue to pose a serious challenge to Mr Romney. But after winning seven of the first 12 Republican contests, the Super Tuesday's wins by Mr Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, in the states of Virginia, Massachuset