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Re-releasing the Democraticialis ad to celebrate the Hamas climax

"Democraticialis, it's for my man whenever he wants it" We tried almost everything. Reading together the Weekly Standard and holding hands while watching Bill O'Reilly. We even signed up for one of those Restoration Weekends in Florida that David Horowitz organizes and were hoping that Jim Woolsey's address would arouse my husband to take up this white woman's burden. But his imperial drive remained dormant until an old friend, "Scooter" told us about Democraticialis ("Judy loved it," he said). And it was shock and Awe from then on... A Regime Change for My Man whenever and wherever he wants it... Democraticialis, experience the neocon difference. *** *** Side effects could include anti-Americanism, terrorism, bloodshed, chaos,violations of civil rights, and rising budget deficits. If taken together with stupid policies they could lead to Shiitism and Hamasus. If you experience an insurgency that lasts for more than four years, please cons

More Silver Lining...

Since Global Paradigm went to sleep before reading the Sunday's NYT I wasn't able to include in my earlier post this op-ed, The Long Transition (sounds...mmm... prtentious...) from the guy who predicted how the Iraq war would bring demcoracy in the Middle East and Peace on Earth. So you know he's right (for some reason Brooks reminds me of this kid in migh high-school class who used to complain to the teacher: "But you forgot to give us our homework": Yet a democratic tide is sweeping the globe, promoted not only by the U.S. but by the spirit of the times, and an election came to Palestine. Voters had to choose between two revolutionary movements, one corrupt and one attentive to their needs. But flight has begun and the democratic transition hurtles on. Palestine is entering the most traumatic phase, when a romantic, revolutionary people is compelled to transform itself into an ordinary, democratic polity. But there is progress. Palestinian voters have already b