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The Obama Meme?

Business Times - 11 Nov 2008 The Obama Meme? By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT HERE is a prediction on which I'm willing to bet my (401) K retirement plan (or what's left of it): In the next year or two we're going to see the rise of new movements for political change around the world whose common theme will go something like this: 'Why can't an Obama-like political leader be elected in ?' In short, whether you're in, say, Russia, Argentina, Egypt or Britain, watch out for that 'Obama Meme'. A 'meme', a term coined by the evolution theorist Richard Dawkins, is an idea, theory or fashion that propagates itself and can spread around the world similar to the contagious behaviour of a virus. The notion that such memes would evolve through a process of competition became very popular during the 1990s when globalisation and the development of the Internet led many thinkers to suggest that memes that evolve in America's free-market of ideas