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Pro Forma as a PD Commissar: We Helped discover America

...And I want to thank the people from the DP discipline from showing us the way to the promised land of democratic peace A colleague of Professor R. J. Rummel who is one of the most renowned and respected scholars in the field of political science has attacked me. I'm a political scientist and I do have a lot of respect for professor Rummel, who is not only an accomplished scholar and writer (he even authored very entertaining fiction) but who is also one of the few political scientists who is considered to be a "libertarian." His work is interesting, original and provocative. He is one of the leading figures in the very controversial field of research called "Democratic Peace" and argues (as the title suggests) the the spread of democracy worldwide helps strengthen the foundations for international peace. What can Mini Moi say? I salute Dr. Rummel. But... Unfortunately, a colleague of the same Dr. Rummel has read my review of a recent study in political scien