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Hillary trying to "Jesse Jacksonize" Obama

According to the New York Daily News Hillary's people are going to use Obama's willingness to meet with baddies like Iran's president as a way of making the guy who is very, very popular among Jewish voters look as insensitive to Jewish concerns: Political observers said they expected Clinton to waste no time using Obama's comment to shore up her standing among key voter blocs, such as Cuban-Americans in bellwether Florida and Jewish voters who may find the idea of a sitdown with the Holocaust-denying president of Iran disturbing. Team Clinton plans "to use these issues in outreach in the states [and nationally] with Jewish leadership and Jewish grass-roots voters," a Democratic operative familiar with the Clinton campaign told the Daily News. In a related subject, an entertaining "exchange" between Podhoretz Junior and Philip Weiss on Weiss' blog. BTW his blog which in trying to ignite debate among American-Jews over Israel and Zionism is wort