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On Kevin Phillips's new book

Business Times - 10 May 2007 Is the Republican/Bush coalition falling apart? The Iraq War and soaring oil prices, among other things, are producing an electoral backlash By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT IN 1968 a young Republican Party strategist, Kevin Phillips, helped engineer the presidential election victory of his party's nominee, Richard Nixon. Indeed, that year's electoral Republican success was attributed in large measure to the 'Southern strategy' which Mr Phillips had outlined. He had called on the leaders of the Grand Old Party (GOP) to try to recruit to their ranks an important electorate group: voters in the Southern states, the majority of whom who were continuing to vote for the Democratic Party since their part of the country was defeated in the Civil War by Republican president Abraham Lincoln. Mr Phillips explained that as more Americans were moving to the South and the West and more resources were shifting to these parts of the country, its elec