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The day I'll miss George W

I'm working on a long commentary on Baker-Hamilton, but I was watching John McCain on television today doing his Churchill imitation during a Senate hearing as he called for sending more troops to Iraq and tried to make Baker sound like Chamberlain. To think that this guy could end up occuppying the White House. If Bush II made me nostalgic for Clinton and Bush I, will McCain make me feel nostalgic for Junior? Anyway... Joe Conason has a great piece on McCain as The Last Neocon on He asks: Does McCain really expect that the president and the Pentagon will accept his advice? Or is he merely positioning himself for the war's aftermath, when he will claim that his spurned counsel could have won the victory that eluded Bush? Is he truly an idealist -- or is he a cynical demagogue? The answers may be impossible to know. There is much evidence that he values his integrity, and much evidence that he values his ambition even more. And ThinkProgress has here a quote of what