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Tea Partiers, Wall Street Occupiers' ideas not new

Business Times - 01 Nov 2011 Tea Partiers, Wall Street Occupiers' ideas not new By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THERE is a lot of uneasiness among members of the political establishment in Washington these days. The rise of the Tea Party movement on the political right may have provided a short-term electoral lift for the Republicans by energising grassroots activists and helping the party mount a successful mid-term election campaign against President Barack Obama and the Democrats last November. But Republican leaders are now concerned that the anti-establishment message of the Tea Partiers has convinced many centrist independent voters that the party has been hijacked by right-wing ideological fanatics. Republican leaders worry the Tea Partiers among presidential primary voters will wreck the chances of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the most moderate and electable candidate, of winning the party's nomination. A similar kind of ambivalence has characterise