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On Iran and Pakistan

In case you've missed on recent column on Iran, US-Iran Shootout is Inevitable : Would US President George W Bush and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad run into each other by chance during their opening session of the United Nations General Assembly this week? That seemed to be the major concern occupying US officials. It seems White House aides were doing their best to avoid a run-in between Mr. Bush and Mr. Ahmadinejad in the hallways of the UN building in Manhattan; for example, the Iranian leader "ambushing" Mr. Bush as he tries to enter the lavatory, igniting a Clash of Civilizations in front of the Men's Room. (read the rest) And with all the recent buzz about the Paks, please check-out some of my the stuff I've written on the topic which seems to be relevant now more than ever: Pakistan in America’s War against Terrorism: Strategic Ally or Unreliable Client, Outsourcing the Hunt for Bin Laden, The Real War on Terrorism Is in Pakistan, Not Iraq, and