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Can you see Brussels and Teheran from Honolulu?

Business Times - 01 Dec 2011 Can you see Brussels and Teheran from Honolulu? By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT IN THE same week in November that US President Barack Obama was hosting a summit of East Asian leaders in Honolulu, Hawaii, a new film starring George Clooney as a Honolulu attorney and trustee of his family's ancestral land in Hawaii opened in American movie theatres. In The Descendants, that is expected to win an Oscar or two, Clooney's character is a descendant of the great-great-grandmother of a Hawaiian princess who married a white banker and passed on a rich chunk of real estate. Matt King is under pressure from his family to sell it to developers while native Hawaiians urge him to keep the land unspoiled. President Obama, who (like King) was born and raised in Hawaii and is a product of a mixed marriage, has described himself as 'the first Pacific president' and is facing a similar but more difficult dilemma. Washington wants to reorient US geostrat