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North Korean Nuke

Now... that's Mission Accomplished And this is Toilet Paper... And this is my comments: Business Times - 11 Oct 2006 Cool heads needed to defuse crisis There is not much the US can do, short of invading N Korea and sparking a war, to prevent Pyongyang from going nuclear By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT NORTH Korea has now forced itself into the global nuclear-weapons club by conducting a nuclear test over the weekend. And even US President George W Bush, who fancies himself as the chairman of this exclusive club and its unofficial bouncer, finds himself in the same position that his predecessor president Bill Clinton had been when India and Pakistan conducted underground nuclear tests in 1998 and asserted their status as nuclear powers. Mr Bush can try to mobilise America's allies and the international community against the new kid in the nuclear bloc, but there is not much that Washington can do - short of invading North Korea and sparking a bloody regional war - to prev