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All is well, that ends... well, not so well: We need the Henry Jackson Brigade!

The Boston Globe has a good report/analysis of the UN Security Council vote which gives yours truly the last word... Let me just add one point/prediction: The Israeli failure to crush Hizbollah will probably make it more likely that the Bush Administration will end up in a military confrontation with Iran and/or Syria. Expect growing pressure from the neocons on the Bushies to "do something" in order to demonstrate that Iran and Syria didn't win this round. And since the Hard-Line Neocons Assail Israel for Timidity in Lebanon here is my proposal, recalling the Spanish Civil War in which some of the neocons's predecessor actually did some fighting: The guys mentioned in the piece (and their many other colleagues) should form the Henry Jackson Brigade to fight in this and the other Mideast War which they love so much. I mean "war" like real war as opposed to the "war of ideas" and real tanks as opposed to "think tanks." Bill? David? Char