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Saudis are singing Happy Days Are Here Again, says The Economist

Fast Times at Jeddah High: Yaallaah...Y'all...They're beheading our Math teacher and there is free Hummus Allah, I Prayed for a Driver's License and Instead I got this Alter Kaker* Arab Sheik on Viagra: Next Time I'll call Santa *see Yiddish dictionary King Abdullah and his Cowboy Buddy: Returning to Brokeback Mountain ("But I won't leave Laura!") You'll probably call me a wonk (like in "policy wonk," but I have to reveal to you that I'm one of those guys who gets off reading The Economist magazine's "surveys" the ones it issues from time to time, like 24 pages about "The Future of the Albanian Car Industry" or 32 pages about "Ghana's High-Tech Revolution." So I was very excited when I got in the mail my new issue of The Economist with a special survey about "Saudi Arabia: A Long Walk" (12 pages). The survey is quite interesting, very contrarian and running very much against the post-9/1