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America losing diplomatic leverage: Shape of things to come?

Read my new The US Can't Run the Show in the Middle East It's time for the Europeans to get more active in diplomatic efforts and the read this latest piece of news from The Times(London) August 03, 2006 France moves in to fill the US vacuum Foreign Editor's Briefing by Bronwen Maddox THE US took a long step towards the position of France yesterday in drawing up a United Nations resolution on the Lebanon crisis. The text, which could be presented to the UN Security Council as early as today, represents concessions by France, the US and Britain, but its centre of gravity is closest to French views. In a week when Tony Blair delivered his sharpest ever criticism of the US's conduct of the War on Terror, this reflects a realignment of loyalties and some weakening of US influence, which may extend beyond this crisis. Talks between the US, Britain and France, all Security Council members, yesterday morning thrashed out agreement on the sequence of next moves, but left big