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Good stuff on Iran-U.S.

Most of what's available now in the media and online are mostly a recycling of old stuff, some of which I've written in the past like about the I-say-Chalabi, you-say-Pahlavi lobbies , and the need to make a deal with Iran or the the need to develop a coherent strategy on Iran . (Hey, imitation is a form of flattery). But Edward Luttwak's Three Reasons Not to Bomb Iran—Yet and Tony Karon's Does the New York Times Know Who Rules Iran? are actually original and interesting. I don't necessarily agree with the everything that Luttwak and Karon write in their analyses. They're worth reading. And checkout readers' responses to Reason magazine forum on Iraq, etc. on Hit and Run blog. (I'll try to respond later to the two other writers). Also I saw Hard Candy . My proposed title: The Girl Scout and the Pedophile: These Balls are Made for Cutting. You've been warned. Finally, if you liked Bernard Wasserstein's The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln