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Waiting for a Republican Leader

Business Times - 18 May 2011 Waiting for a Republican Leader Current slate of contenders, except perhaps Tim Pawlenty, will find the going tough given their real or perceived failings By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT A FEW nights ago, five candidates for the 2012 presidential election gathered for an early debate that touched upon domestic and foreign policy issues. Two of the five taking part in the televised debates - a member of the House of Representatives from a southern state and a former governor of a large state - argued that the time has come to bring an end to Washington's War on Drugs. In fact, one of the two presidential candidates hoping to challenge Democratic President Barack Obama next year expressed support for legalising drugs, agreeing with the suggestion that heroin and prostitution were an 'exercise of liberty', and insisting that he would leave it to the states to make that decision on whether to de-criminalise them. Based on these sound bites, y