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Election fever grips America

Business Times - 06 Apr 2012 PERSPECTIVE Election fever grips America Romney's latest primaries victories and Obama's admonition for Republicans make it clear general election campaign is underway, if not in full swing By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT IT'S War! Just a few hours before Mitt Romney captured the Republican presidential primaries in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Wisconsin - and was clearly on his way to clenching his party's nomination as its presidential candidate - Democratic President Barack Obama unleashed an overwhelming election-year assault on the Republicans and their presumptive presidential nominee. He accused the Republicans and the man who would challenge him for control of the White House in November of promoting a 'radical agenda' for America's future. Mr Romney's primaries victories on Tuesday and Mr Obama's harsh admonition for the Republicans - and for Mr Romney's vision of the nation - made it clear t