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Are you an Arab company who wants to buy a U.S. Port? Do you need to lobby Washington and appease the masses?

At your service are the experienced teams of... Clinton&Clinton.... and Dole&Dole We all are aware that businesses operate today in a very complex and unstable global economic environment where the process of globalization collide quite frequnetly with the forces of nationalism. American political and business elites are celebrating the opening of markets and the free flow of capital worldwide but out there in the dark corners of the American Heartland where people just don't get it, they still seem to reside in a pre-globalization era where -- can you imagine that? -- a sense of national identity and security overrides commitments to the principles the free market. So say you head an Arab company that would like to take over several U.S. container terminals. Well... you've got a problem in the form of populist anger in Middle America where folks assume that if would be easier for terrorists to iniltrate Arab-controlled ports. And they could start putting pressure on th