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Head of Israel's security services: Saddam was "good for the Jews"

We miss you, man; how about going on a UJA fund raising trip? After Iraq was "liberated" and Saddam was ousted Iad published several commentaries that while made it clear that I thought the ex-dictator was bloody thug (and worst) also raised a note of caution, suggesting that one day we might miss the guy, in the sense that we ended missing the Russia Czar and the German Kaiser when Stalin and Hitler were in power. In Saddam, Stalin, Hitler and History I had written that: This is not to dispute that Hussein was a monster like Stalin and Mao — he certainly was. However, the more relevant point to consider is whether whatever or whomever replaces him will be an improvement over the status quo ante. Might we — and more importantly, the Iraqi people — feel a similar sense of nostalgia toward Saddam Hussein years from now? Let us hope not. But if the country degenerates into a bloody civil war à la Afghanistan — with weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of warlords